Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society

About the Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society

Traditional jazz is alive and well in Seattle and the Northwest. Classic jazz, Dixieland, ragtime, Chicago and New Orleans jazz, West Coast revival, San Francisco style, Nicksieland or whatever you call it, that’s what this is all about.

The Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society, with several hundred members, has not lost sight of its original purpose – the pleasure of jazz performance. Every month many of our members and guests gather to enjoy a concert of traditional jazz music played by local bands and internationally known stars. Occasionally, featured soloists entertain us with ragtime creations.

The non-profit, tax exempt Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society began in 1975 with informal meetings of a group of enthusiasts who hungered for an opportunity to hear music with its roots in New Orleans style tunes and instrumentations. The first concerts were successes and so the form has been endorsed and expanded. The concerts, occurring on a Sunday afternoon, are informal and enjoyable. Your membership pays most of your admission and also provides JAZZ SOUNDINGS – our monthly magazine. Meetings consist of three hours of music and dancing. Families are welcomed and children are permitted.

The purpose is sharing – if you play or listen to traditional jazz and just can’t keep your foot from twitching – welcome. Send in the application. Please join us!

For further information or inquiries please refer to the "CONTACT PSTJS" page.


2007 PSTJS | top photo by Jim Wilke